Rental Application



Drivers License or State issued ID Card



In order to process your application and prepare your lease document, you agree to pay the following fees when you submit the application for review:
$25.00 Application Fee


I authorize Iconic Village, The 208, or Oregon Trail to verify the above information by all available means. Iconic Village, The 208, and Oregon Trail are not required to reverify or investigate preliminary findings.
Our privacy policy is available upon request.
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Applicant's Signature


You may, in writing, cancel the lease until three (3) days after the date of the Application (the "Lease Cancellation Date") unless you have taken possession of the Premises.

If you give us written notice of your cancellation on or before the Lease Cancellation Date, we will refund to you the security deposit but not the administrative processing fee or the application fee. If you cancel after the Lease Cancellation Date, you will be in violation of the lease and responsible for the entire lease term. We may retain your deposit and apply it to any amounts you owe under the lease.

After the Lease Cancellation Date, we have the right to terminate the lease if, for any reasons, we later reject this Application or any guaranty (although in such a case we will refund the security deposit but not the administrative processing or the application fee).
Applicant's Initials


You declare that all your statements on this Application are true and complete. By signing this application, you represent that you have never: 1) been arrested for a felony, sex-related crime, or criminal violation involving the sale or manufacture of illegal drugs that was resolved by conviction, probation, deferred adjudication, court-ordered community supervision or pretrial diversion; 2) been arrested for a felony, sex-related crime, or criminal violation involving the sale or manufacture of illegal drugs that has not been resolved by any method. You authorize us to verify this information through all available means, including credit reports, consumer reports and rental history reports, but we're not required to verify or investigate any preliminary findings. If you've failed to answer any question or if you have given any false information, (1) we're entitled to reject this Application, (2) retain all processing fees and deposits as liquidated damages for our time and expense, and (3) terminate any right you have to lease the bedroom, or (4) if you have signed the Lease, it will be a violation of the Lease.

In any lawsuit relating to this Application, the prevailing party is entitled to recover attorney's fees and all other costs of litigation from the losing party. We reserve the right to furnish information to consumer reporting agencies and other rental housing owners about the performance of our residents on their Lease obligations. This information may be reported at any time and include both favorable and unfavorable information regarding your compliance with the Lease, the rules, and your financial obligations.
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(List all vehicles to be parked by you (including cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.)


If you die or are seriously ill, missing, or in a jail or penitentiary according to an affidavit of the above person: we may allow the above person(s) to enter your dwelling to remove all contents, as well as your property in the mailbox, storerooms, and common areas. If you are seriously ill or injured, you authorize us to send for an ambulance at your expense. We are not obligated to do so.